My Mexican Social Class


Can a funnel cake define your social class?

In class, we took several social class quizzes to determine our social class, and discussed how effective or ineffective we thought these quizzes were. After taking these quizzes, we were assigned our last assignment: to write our own social class quiz.

This quiz seemed very difficult to create because I am not completely familiar with the social classes in the United States. We have been reading and discussing social classes in this class all semester, so I thought I was becoming familiar with the American social classes. I have learned about how, according to Black and hooks, the working class language and values are different from those of the middle class. I also know that going to college is hard for people from the lower class because they feel like outsiders, and their families don’t always support their decision of attending college. But when I took the social class quizzes in class, I realized I don’t really know much about the characteristics of each American social class. The quizzes mentioned things and terms that I had never heard before, and thus didn’t understand, like Tiffany lamp. Also, there were other things that they considered like lower class, but I did not know they were considered lower class. For example, knowing what a funnel cake is. For me, knowing what a funnel cake is makes you a higher class because it means that you’ve traveled to the U.S. and visited a fair or an amusement park.


The streets of Mexico City. You can clearly see some class differences…

I decided that instead of doing a quiz to measure your American social class, I would create a quiz that measured social classes from Mexico. This way, American people could take this quiz and figure out what their social class would be in Mexico. I thought about social quizzes I took when I live in Mexico and about the characteristics of people I knew that were part of different social classes. I came up with 15 questions. I based my questions on the economic situation, education, and lifestyles of people, rather than asking about their tastes or knowledge because I believe that tastes vary a lot within a single class, and knowledge can be acquired from people you know or talk to. To verify that my questions were measuring the right class, I took the quiz five times (one for each class), and I responded the way I thought people from that class would respond. For some classes, I took the quiz and responded like if I were someone I knew. For example, I responded as myself for the upper-middle class, as a friend for the upper class, and as my nanny as the lower-middle class.

I hope you enjoy this quiz!

To take my social class quiz, click here: My Mexican Social Class


This a long, but interesting video about social class in the United States. I added it here because when I watched it, it reminded me a lot about the social class quizzes we took in class.


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