The Waving Power

Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people” ~Dennis Prager


“Smile and wave, that’s all it takes” ~Martin Lemieux

Since social class is the topic for our class, we have been reading many essays and stories about how people think about and experience social classes. For example, we read about how social class affected Black and hooks’s college experiences; and how Price was not able to see his social class until he left for college. In this assignment we were asked to narrate our own personal experience with social class, and to explain what we learned from this encounter with social classes.


I took this picture during my Winter break in Mexico City. I was inside of an upper-class golf club. The two buildings are part of the golf club. In between the two buildings, you can see one of the poorest towns in the city.

This essay was very similar to my really good story. First of all, it was completely based on my experiences. I could not quote or paraphrase any text to support my ideas. Since it was a very personal essay, I had to incorporate many of my feelings to make the story believable and interesting. Another aspect that was similar to my really good story was that it was a thesis-seeking essay, unlike the previous two assignments, which were thesis-driven. In a thesis-seeking you state your thesis at the very end of the essay, instead of stating it in the introduction. My really good story was thesis-seeking because I started in media-res and then went on describing what had happened, without telling the readers the main idea of the story. I stated the main idea of the story in the last sentences. In this essay, it was the same way. I talked about my class encounters, but didn’t present the thesis statement, which was what I learned from this experience, until the last paragraph.

My story described my encounters with social class in Mexico. Most of my readers are not from Mexico, and therefore there are some concepts they are not able to fully understand. For example, when I talked about public schools, they might have imagined public schools here in the U.S., but public schools in Mexico are very different from public schools here. Being able to tell readers a story about a topic they were not familiar with was the hardest task of this essay.

To familiarize you with Mexico before you read my essay, I included a slide show with pictures of different aspects of Mexican culture and attached a video about some random facts you may not know about Mexico. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To read my third assignment, click here: The Waving Power


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