Motivated, Not Destined, To Succeed

In recent years class mobility has decreased in the United States. Some people, like Stephen Marche in his article “We Are Not All Created Equal”, argue that America now has “a European-style class system” (Marche 268) in which people will live all their lives in the class they were born in and there is nothing they can do to change this. In this essay I wrote a response to Marche’s essay in which I mentioned which ideas from Marche’s essay I supported and which ones I rejected, and explained my reasons for either supporting or rejecting Marche’s opinions.

One of the most important skills I practiced in this essay was the pre-writing preparation, which really helped me and made this essay easier to write than other essays I’ve written before. Before starting to write the rough draft of this essay, I had already done a summary of Marche’s essay and written a statement of response to it. Instead of creating an outline from scratch, I divided the summary of Marche’s essay into four different sections. Each section included a topic sentence describing Marche’s ideas about class mobility and a quote or paraphrase from the article supporting the topic sentence. For each section, I wrote my opinion about Marche’s idea and several examples that supported my opinions.

After doing this, my essay was almost complete, I just had to expand my opinions a little bit more and add an introduction and a conclusion. For my introduction I used an element from my really good story. In my really good story I started my story in media res, describing a really suspenseful moment of the story, to attract the reader’s attention. For this essay, I used a similar strategy by starting with a catchy question that would be answered later in the essay.

The conclusion was the main revision between my rough and final draft. My rough draft’s conclusion was more like a summary of the essay. For the final draft, instead of repeating what I had previously mentioned, I suggested new ways to motivate people and increase class mobility. Other revisions included citations and paraphrases. I had not cited some ideas that I used from Marche’s essay and I also had some page numbers wrong on my paraphrases.

Overall, this was a simple essay to write because of all the pre-writing assignments I had completed. I usually just start essays without outlining or summarizing documents, but this essay made me realize how much easier it is to write an essay if you already have your thesis, main ideas, and supporting examples written down before starting to write the first rough draft of the essay.

Here is a video that relates to my essay. If you watch this video after reading my essay, you’ll understand how it relates to Marche. If you watch it before reading my essay, something I wouldn’t completely recommend, just keep in mind that success is always possible, but success thanks to a Rubik’s cube is very unlikely.

To read my first assignment, click here: Motivated, Not Destined, To Succeed



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