Hello everyone!photo

Welcome to my E-Portfolio! Feel free to explore all of the tabs above. You will find essays, quizzes, reflections, pictures, videos, polls, quotes, and much more. You can also share your thoughts and comments by liking, rating, or commenting on the different posts. For more information about me and this E-Portfolio, please read below. I hope you enjoy it! Go Blue!

About this E-Portfolio

This E-Portfolio contains all the essays I wrote for my Writing 100: Transition Into College Writing class. The topic for our class was social class. Throughout the semester, we read, wrote, and discussed many different viewpoints on social classes. Through personal narratives, articles, essays, and quizzes, we learned how some people, like Stephen Marche, think class mobility does not exist anymore; how others believe that people can be classified into social classes by their tastes (Paul Fussel); and how some others think that your social class is determined by your values, rather than your economic background (Geraldine Fabrikant, 181). You will find in this E-Portfolio personal narratives, compare and contrast essays, quizzes, and other assignments that will reflect my viewpoints on social class. In addition, you can find two assignments that do not talk about social class: “A Dangerous Trip” and my DSP. All the assignments will have a reflection at the beginning. Most of them will also have pictures, videos, and polls that relate to the topic.

About me

I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. I am currently Undecided, but I’m thinking of majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN). I am currently a Research Assistant at the Conceptual Development lab, and a member of the University of Michigan Synchronized Skating Team. I am from Mexico. I was born in Mexico City, and lived there fifteen years. I then moved to Texas, where I studied my last years of high school. You will see that many of my essays talk about social classes in Mexico, and this is for two main reasons: social class differences in Mexico are enormous, and I am more familiar with social classes in Mexico than those in the United States. My favorite sport is figure skating. I have been skating for more than 10 years now, and I still love it. I also like traveling and reading. Below are some old and recent pictures of me.

And a video of the UM Synchro Team 🙂


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